BetterTrades TV

There are trading strategies designed and taught by BetterTrades that will fit all sorts of traders, depending on their pain tolerance and the size of their account. The trading methods taught by the company are designed to provide a diverse assortment of possible trading techniques and maneuvers that can be used to make better trades.

BetterTrades TV

One of the first way in which many students are exposed to the BetterTrades system comes from television. Individuals see the infomercial that airs on hundreds of markets throughout North America, become intrigued with the idea of learning about the stock market, and sign up for one of the free, introductory Financial Freedom Expos.

The BetterTrades commercials present the potential that exists when students learn how to trade the market. By learning to harness the economic power of the stock market, students are able to put their skills to work by making better trades.

BetterTrades is an educational system designed and developed by entrepreneur Freddie Rick, who used the information to help teach others how to use the stock market. Freddie and Mitzi Rick taught the class around the country before deciding to build a team to take the information throughout the country.

Another person who holds a position of prominence in the infomercial is former football coach Jimmy Johnson, the first man to win a national college championship and the Super Bowl. Jimmy Johnson is an actual graduate of the BetterTrades system. Jimmy says he's learned more about the stock market during his association with BetterTrades than he ever knew before. "BetterTrades taught me the strategies that I didn't learn working with a broker for 20 years," Jimmy Johnson said.

Watching the commercial on television shows students the things that are possible through the stock market education obtained from BetterTrades. Take time to watch the information the next time you see it on the tube. It's more informative and certainly more valuable than wasting time watching reality television.

BetterTrades TV


With BetterTrades visiting more than 100 cities in North America on a quarterly basis, chances are good that you'll soon run into one of the popular 30 minute commercials. These TV commercials point out the importance of being able to make personal financial decisions that are based in fact and not on feelings. The knowledge obtained through an affiliation with BetterTrades is the first step in that process and has been used by thousands of students to learn how to benefit by trading the market.